A Book Review or Two
By Sensei Neil Prime.

I read two books back to back by the same author, Peter Urban. I had heard many great reviews about his writings so when Sensei Henry leant me these books from his own personal collection I thought this was a great opportunity to explore this man's work. The two books in discussion are "The Karate Dojo" and "The Karate Sensei".

Part 2

The Karate Sensei
Author: Peter Urban
Published: Masters Publication
First print: 1984

It seemed to me as I read the first few pages of this book that the author had recently taken a philosophy course and tried to enlighten the world with his new found knowledge. I find this is very similar to a beginner at karate who thinks he has discovered the answers to the universe in the first couple of sparring classes and now thinks he is a master fighter.

I gave this book a sincere chance hoping it would get better as the pages went on. In fact, I found it hard to believe that it is the same author as "The Karate Dojo". I couldn't manage to get past page 32 before I started skimming along to see if the other chapters showed any sign of improvement. It didn't, and so I didn't pursue reading it.

I'm certainly glad I chose to read "The Karate Dojo" first because if I would have read "The Karate Sensei" first, I may not have read the first of the two with the same enthusiasm.

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