Class Pics

Here are a few shots of our club. Nothing out of the ordinary... just a bunch of good people who share a common interest!

Click on the link and it will take you to a cool pic.

2 Step sparring
Aleisha, double block
Aleisha the model
Alex... focus
Alex, time for a rest
Art, kata
Art smiles
Dan & Ronalda wonder...
Daniel sparring
Daniel, seiza
Sensei Don
Eddie watches...
Eddie works
Carley and Deanna do kata
Neil pulling Jason's arm
Jason & Neil do kata
Jason misses!
Jessica sets up
John & Roberto, 2 step
John focuses
Jr Kata, Pinan Shodan
Jr Kata, Pinan Yodan
Julian takes a break
Kata, Pinan Godan
Getting the knees up!
Kirstyn strikes
Kirstyn blocks
Marc doing kata
Marc, sparring drills
Marc & Roberto, Pinan Shodan
Neil kicks Art (again)
Neil & Dan, inside techniques
Neil & John,kicking drills
Neil & Roberto
Neil, Pinan Godan
Nestor doing kata
Peter Jr... fast hands!
Peter Jr 2 (cool)
This Peter really wonders!
Peter Sr, Pinan Godan
Roberto & Neil... Oh Yeah!
Roberto & Shannon sparring
Roberto explains
Ronalda wants a little bit more.
Ronalda works her kata
Tamara blocks (just in time)
Tamara doing kata
Werner & Neil demonstrate
Werner focuses on kata

Special thanks to Andy Komar for taking these pics!

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