Every once in a while we're asked to do a demonstration. So we do...

Denis Morris High School 2001

Sensei Lauren Fast
Can you teach me?
Go Girls!!!
Nah... looks like work!
Keep a leg up.
It's easier this way.

OKay, I'm ready.
The next Bruce Lee?
They're sneeking out
Just pull, like this
This, is a knee

Thorold High School 1999

Ok, Everyone show your armpits!
Low blocking techniques
Sensei Walt Fast, Sensei Barry Irwin
Hail, Hail, The gang's all here!

Virgil Stampede 1996

Put your hands up to block the sun.
Blocking techniques
Lori Prime and Lauren Fast sparring
Sensei Terry Tennant and Sensei Brad Cosby
Sensei Walt Fast, board breaking
Now where do we go?

Fairview Mall 1994

Mouth of the South,
Sensei Neil Prime.

Get a leg up...
Sensei Martin Boerma

Working basic techniques
A fight in the mall...
Where's the police?!

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