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This page is for Shintani Karate Federation Sanctioned Event listings only that are within the area of the St.Catharines Wado Kai Karate Club. For a more complete listing of information about events throughout the Shintani Karate Federation, check out the events listing on the Official Shintani Wado Kai Web Site

A separate list of events for the St.Catharines club is Listed Here.

SKF Sanctioned Black Belt Clinics - Welland Ontario

There will be an advanced clinic specifically for brown and black belts hosted by the Welland Karate Clubs with various guest instructors from throughout the organization held the 2nd Sunday (as a rule, except holidays) of each month.

Clinics are held from 9:30am to 11:30am

As stipulated by the SWKKF, it is manditory to attend 2 of advanced clinics per year if you wish to be graded to the next higher rank (pending also area restrictions).

Once the schedule has been confirmed, it will be posted with exact dates, times, the agenda and instructors who will be teaching. Please keep posted for this information.

SKF Sanctioned Tournaments

You must have a current SWKKF passbook to participate in any of these tournaments!

Although not all of the dates are confirmed 100%, I have listed the "annual" events to give you an idea what is going on where. Please check back closer to the actual dates for more information as it will be posted as it becomes available.

Visit The Official SWKKF Website
for up to date information of events throughout the organization.


To qualify for gradings you are expected to participate (judging included)
in 2 SKF sanctioned tournaments per year.

Brown and Black Belts are expected to attend a minimum of 2 SKF sanctioned Black Belt Clinics per year.

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