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St.Catharines Wado Kai Karate
Members of the Shintani Karate Federation

Serving the community since 1987

We are a family oriented traditional karate organization focusing on Sensei Masaru Shintani's teachings and values of kindness and humility.
Our goal is to move into the future with ties to the past developing confident individuals who will be positive role models within the community.

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Voted # 1 Martial Arts Club in the Niagara Region for 2017
Thank you to all who voted for our club. We appreciate your continued support !!!

Diamond Award - Best Martial Arts Club 2017

We are now offering a 12 week, Introduction to Traditional Karate program for ADULTS.

Classes Start Wednesday, September 13th, 2017- Click here for details!

The St.Catharines Wado Kai Karate Club teaches traditional karate with a realistic approach to self defense.
There is something for everyone whether you want to instill discipline, build confidence, compete in tournaments,
or simply have fun while getting into shape and learning the basic fundamentals of traditional karate.

Class Schedule & Times

Dedicated to teaching Wado Kai Karate as taught by

Sensei Hironori Otsuka    to     Sensei Masuru Shintani

June 1st 1892 to Jan 29th 1982         Feb 3rd 1927 to May 7th 2000

May their spirits live through the legacy they leave behind.

We are a Superfoot Approved School !

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Proud Partners of Jumpstart

Club Location

8 Augusta Ave (corner of Facer Street)
St.Georges Church Hall
St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program sponsors kids from age 4 to 18

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