Interclub Tournament 2000

On Monday November 27th 2000, members of the St.Catharines, Grimsby, and Niagara on the Lake Wado Kai Karate Clubs gathered for a great evening of spirited competition. The competition is used as a learning base for competitors and judges alike. For the most part we used a Black Belt as a referee with 4 kyu belts (green, blue and brown) as our corner judges.

Since there are so many pictures, I have given a brief discription of each that will link to a full size shot.

Junior White & Yellow Belts
Junior White & Yellow Belts
Junior Orange & Green Belts
Junior Green to Brown
Youth, White to Green
Youth, Brown Belts
Adult Kyu Belts
Black Belts
The dudes!
A Presentation
Kirstyn & Lauren
Ready for Battle
Nice Punch
Better duck...
Bruce vs Brian
Neil vs Don
Waiting for scores
Lauren & Alex
Erin & Emily
Waiting for scores
Waiting some more...
Alex, Walt, Lauren
Mike doing Kushanku
Andy and Alex
Alex & Andy
Her 1st tournament
Peter vs Mike
Peter misses Mike
Nestor vs John
Mike vs Mike
Front punch
Mike kicks Mike
Mike vs John
Andy K
A happy group
Come here, Fast!
Tastes great
After the match
Hangin' out
Good block
Yellow belt sparring
Peter X 2
I'm moving...
Deanna kicks
Great comradery
Getting anxious
What score?
Junior competitors
Wake me up when It's my turn
Carley kicks
Brian and Don
I'll block that
Tough competition girls!
Junior competitors
Ready to spar
More competitors
A long kick
Michael C
Sparring action
More sparring
Fast X 3

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