SKF Black Belt Workout

Once a month (in the Niagara area) we have a brown and black belt workout. These are an excellent opportunity to train at a higher level of intensity and to learn the finer points of technique.

Back to back Fast
Mike can do this with my eyes shut
Who knows how to hold this?
Working Shindo Kata
Terry, Bob, Ron
Don't trust this guy
I thought Canada was cold!
Lauren lookin' intense
A walk in the park
Follow me
Walt - jab
Drive the hip
More Shindo
Ron jabs
No stick?
Still no stick?
Now I got one!
Promise you'll be good now
Terry & Nick
Sensei Neil Prime
The sun sets over the moon...
Sensei Ron Mattie
Sensei Dr.Bob Graham
Sensei Paul Shoupe
Is he gonna kick the pole?
Sensei Walt

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