Tournament After Thoughts:
by Sensei Neil Prime
February, 1997

I know what it is like to compete in a tournament and not place. As a matter of fact, I never won a 1st place trophy until I was a Black Belt (which also took a long time). I also know that it can be discouraging when you think you've done your best and you don't even place. I also never quit trying.

Any time we approach a tournament I stress the importance of trying your best and to try to learn something new weather you end up in 1st place or last. Unfortunately, I've seen some people after we have a tournament discouraged to the point where they want to quit, or they do quit. I can't tell you how unfortunate this is.

Life is full of disappointments a lot more serious than not doing well at a karate tournament. If you don't learn to control these emotions then life will only get more complicated.

Parents have to sometimes help in situations like this. We as instructors instill what we feel are good values, but like the values that are set at home, they have to be followed up on from time to time to make sure we're on the right path.

Try to remember that for most of us some things just don't come easy, but that's no reason to quit, it's a reason to try harder!

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