by Sensei Brian Chmay
June, 1997

There is no single answer or reason why I keep working out. Some mornings, after a rigorous workout or gruelling tournament, I may temporarily wonder (or regret) that I continue. The guys at work see me hobbling in or bruised up; their favourite was the time when I had a black eye. (It quickly got around my department that one of my seven year old students gave it to me.) I tell them that I keep doing it to keep in shape.

I originally started in Karate to learn self-defence and stay in shape. Throughout the years, I have found many other reasons to stay in Karate. Here are some of them:

The sportsmanship, discipline and respect displayed by every student and Black Belt in our organization.

The looks of determination and persistence on every child as they perform their exercises and techniques in the dojo.

The idea of walking into any Shintani Wado-Kai dojo across Canada and the U.S.A and being welcomed.

Listening to one young student telling me how he likes karate class because he gets to stay up past his bed time.

Having the honour and privilege to work out directly with Sensei Shintani and his many many fine Black Belts, present and past.

Watching the colour belts grow up, advance ranks, and assume greater responsibilities in the club.

Knowing that a karate technique that was taught in my dojo was used to protect the life of one of my students.

Friendships formed throughout the years will be with me forever.

Watching my students achieve their Black Belt.

Finding out that the discipline and respect the children display on the dojo is showing up at home and in school.

Talking with the parents.

The Christmas Party.

Remembering the night one of the Sensei's pants fell down in the middle of a sparring match.

The comraderie and closeness of all the Black Belts between the three Niagara North clubs.

The trust the parents have in us.

The feeling of belonging.

There are many more reasons. Karate is not just something you do, it becomes a way of life.

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