One More Step Forward
by Rino Stabile
September, 1998

Being in the senior class has now changed and made an enormous difference on everything I do. I felt a little bit intimidated when I had to spar the adults and senseis. After a few months of working with the adults, all of that has changed. Not only do I enjoy it, but I feel like I'm improving, and even though they give me a lot of tips on how to get in on a big person, it still feels good when I do. Their help is very much appreciated, and I hope that someday they will be proud of me when I score on them without their help.

Not only has my sparring improved, but also my stretching has, my katas have been improving by the minute, I'm learning new ones and I am finding key points in the katas that I never knew before. The adult class is longer and harder but I have learned a lot in these few months and I hope to learn a lot more.

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