Wrestling in Karate
by Art Ashukian

On November 19th,1998 a wrestling clinic and workout was organized and held at the St.Catharines Wado Kai karate club by Sensei Brian Chmay. As I am a member of the Grimsby Beach Wado Kai Club as well as a wrestling coach I ran the clinic at The black Sea Hall. Some 30 junior students from both clubs participated from 6:30 to 7:30pm, and at about 7:30pm approximately 24 adults with various ranks worked out very hard until 10pm.

By the high degree of interest and enthusiasm shown by all who participated it looks as though there will be more of these clinics in the future. It was interesting to see how hard it was, even for seasoned black belts to defend themselves once their personal space was violated and a wrestling move was put on them. The frustration on some of the participants was evident when they were not able to throw punches or kicks due to the lack of space and free movement.

Wrestling and karate are much the same in that they both require self discipline, desire, respect, self confidence and confidence in your opponent.

Wrestling, not to confuse the issue with what you see on t.v. is no in no way the same as the free style wrestling you see in the high schools in Ontario. Free style means all moves including throws are used in the sport of wrestling with no intent of hurting your opponent. Any intent of punch or kick will cause you to lose your match and may even prevent you from participating in the future.

Wrestling has been around for thousands of years to test ones ability to face another individual of the same weight, not necessarily the same strength and age to come up with a victory on a marked wrestling surface. On the corner of the wrestling surface one coach and one trainer will encourage the wrestler on the mat until the match is finished. Free style wrestling matches consist of two rounds lasting two minutes. Some consist of two rounds of three minutes with a forty-five second break in between. In some cases you could be involved in a one round match that lasts for five minutes or until there is an outcome of the match.

To win a match, the opponents shoulders must touch the mat and be held there for approximately 3 seconds. Wrestling is a very tight approach to your opponent, unlike karate where you must be aware of the personal space between you and your opponent.

In elementary schools wrestlers are encouraged to start on the mat in a crouched position, then later in high school they are trained to face their opponents in a standing position to start the match.

To get more information about wrestling in elementary or high schools call the school that your child is attending and speak to the physical education instructor or the wrestling coach on staff there.

In wrestling and in karate,you as the individual will benefit in self discipline,confidence and physical as well as mental well being.

Keep working out you are never too old.

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