A Job Well Done
BySensei Mark Hannah

As we may already know a black belt grading took place in Welland Ontario earlier this year.

I was unable to attend at that time and I apologize to all my friends who were graded on this day for my absence.

Among those graded were two gentlemen that I have worked out with on a very regular base, Sensei Terry Tennant and Sensei Peter Tisi.

It gives one a warm feeling inside to see two karateka such as Terry and Peter progress to their next rank.

They have both been members of our club in Grimsby Beach for many years now and have made a difference in the lives of our students, both children and adults.

Both of these men are dedicated practitioners and possess the attitudes and good manners that go hand in hand woth most students in our system. They are looked up to and well respected by instructors and students alike.

Sensei Terry has the tall wirey build that enables him to get in on an opponent with devestating results. Over the years he has refined his techniques and has gained much control and excellent sportsmanship. When sparring he can become like a runaway freight train, then suddenly side step your counter technique with the grace and elegance of a humming bird (with giant hands of steel , that is).

Sensei Peter is smaller in stature and is also rather wiry. He is gifted with an aggressive fighting spirit. Sensei Peter is a hard fighter who goes into his opponents zone without hesitation, scores his point(s) then sets for the next atack. This spirit combined with his great speed makes him an opponent of great challenge.

In my years of working out with these two men I have learned much I have been fortunate enough to get in on Sensei Terry's unbelievable reach and score (once in a while and only after many failed attempts). He has taught me the importance of side stepping oncoming attacks.

Through my experiences with Sensei Peter, I have been able to focus on my own "warrior spirit" as he has kept me on my toes. I have attacked him many times, sometimes scoring a point only to have about 2 or 3 points slammed right back at me. If Sensei Terry has been likend to the "freight train/ humming bird" I would have to say that watching Sensei Peter spar I am reminded of the battle weary alley cat who moves in, strikes with 100%, then backs up, sets, and goes in again never giving up. We at Grimsby beach are proud of Sensei Terry and Sensei Peter's accomplishments and we all congratulate them on their deserved grading from Shodan to Nidan.

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