What Karate Is To Me
By Ryan Rae

Hi, my name is Ryan Rae and I'm a blue belt with St.Catharines Wado Kai Karate Club. I started karate because I saw it used on many TV shows and thought it would be cool to have that skill.

Karate can be fun sometimes but you do have to work hard. Sparring is the most fun and the stretching is the hardest!

I am working for my brown belt. I began at age 8 and I am now almost 13 years old.

I must know 9 katas to be able to get my brown belt. My Sensei says "the higher your go the harder it's going to get."

He was right!

My karate has helped me in two different sports. They are hockey and soccer. Karate has improved my flexibility and strength. I have met a lot of people throughout North America. I have met Sensei Shintani. He is a ninth degree black belt. He is very friendly and signed my green belt at the Brock Tournament.

I have learned a lot of moves and blocks in karate. Roundhouse kick is my favorite move. I think karate is fun and have won some trophies too!

My goal in Karate is to become a black belt someday. It is nice to have a rare skill.

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