What karate means to me.
By Erin DeForest

I was seven years old when my brand new public school opened in the fall of 1992. This new school introduced Super Saturdays, different hobby classes for the students to participate in. One of the classes was learning the art of Karate. This interested me because I wanted to learn self-defense. When I singed up for Karate class I was very nervous. On my first day I learned that an instructor is called a Sensei. This means teacher in Japanese. My first instructorís name was Sensei Mike. I finished the first session in winter. I took another session of classes in 1993. I enjoyed it so much and it was giving me confidence that I never had before I decided to join a real Karate club. Each year since 1993 I have in the Wado Kai Karate Club, and know have my brown belt. Iíve enjoyed being in the junior class, but since I turned 14 I have moved up to the adult class. I hope in a few years that I will be able to receive my black belt.

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