By Deanna Gemmell

When I was graded to a green belt in June of last year I was thrilled. For me the grading represents a reward for a year of hard work. My happiness was short lived though, and quickly turned to panic when I was informed that I would be moving to the adult class the following September.

I was not prepared for this news and did not expect to be moved for another year or two. I spent a great deal of my summer worrying about the move to the adult class. I spoke with my parents on many occasions about my fears and they did their best to reassure me that I would be fine. Not even my Dad telling me that I would not have been moved if I was not ready helped to calm my insecurities. I let my worrying get the best of me and even considered not returning to karate in September. When I told my parents my feelings they suggested that I give it 6 months of trying the adult class before I make any decision I might regret later on. I agreed to the trail period and tried to keep a positive attitude, but it was difficult. I was truly dreading September and the start of karate.

It has now been 5 months since I have joined the adult class and I am thoroughly enjoying them. Everyone there is very supportive of each other and it is nice to be with older students. I am seeing my skills improve and my fitness level as well. What was I so worried about?

I will try to lend a hand to help make the next student who comes from the kids class feel relaxed and welcome as I will know how they will be feeling.

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